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Introduction Reserve List for Euronext Indices

Date 05/11/2001

Following the announcement made on August 3, 2001, Euronext Indices will start using a reserve list for the selection of candidates in case of replacements in the Euronext 100 or the Next 150 from November 3 onwards. Replacements will take place in accordance with Rule 5.5, Rule 6.3.3b and Rule 6.3.4 of the Rules of the Euronext 100 Index and the Next 150 index.

If after the removal of a stock from the Euronext 100 Index, a replacement must be made, the stock which, at the time of the decision, has the largest market capitalisation of the reserve list and of the Next 150 constituents will enter the index. This is to ensure the number of 100 stocks in the Euronext 100 Index is maintained. A replacement in the Next 150 will be treated similar.

The reserve list is constituted on the basis of the results of the last review, using the data as of 31 August 2001. The list will continue to be used until the first trading day of January, when a new reserve list becomes effective.