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INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals Implements Integral BankFX To Access Better Liquidity And Manage High Volumes - BankFX Supports growth of INTL FCStone Ltd Precious Metals Desk

Date 08/11/2018

INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals (INTL) announced today that its integration of Integral BankFXTM has enabled them to access new liquidity sources and double their trading volumes over the past year and a half.

INTL needed a solution for their precious metals client base which would allow them to improve flexibility, price more competitively and achieve their intended growth. Their prior offering only provided one price feed into their platform, resulting in sub-optimal pricing.


INTL worked in close collaboration with Integral to design and deliver a bespoke solution that supported their demands to serve their existing customers and add new business. This approach provided them with the capability to distribute prices both internally and externally. Also, by using Integral Yield ManagerTM, a complete risk management system that manages and monitors the risk and yield, INTL has been able to capture smaller trades for even larger financial returns, which otherwise would not be viable.


“Our trading teams are able to handle a very large trading volume with minimal headcount and virtually no risk of human error,” Edward Barron, Head of Precious Metals Sales Europe, INTL FCStone Ltd said. “Integral BankFX increased our access to multiple sources of liquidity and has allowed us to add value for our customers even in subdued markets. Because BankFX is a cloud-based solution, we can now scale as needed, all without data and hardware costs.”


Matthew Avery, Head of EMEA Sales at Integral, added, “With BankFX, we provided INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals with a full-service solution for all their precious metal trading needs. This proves the extent to which the right technology can enable a business to reach their full potential and demonstrates our abilities as a trusted provider of bespoke technology solutions.”