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From Patrick Young - IPO: A World Of Opportunity Awaits Europe

Date 24/06/2016

This is a Great Day of Opportunity for all of Europe.

The outmoded push for a Federal SuperState had long since lost any popular backing it may have ever held.
In Brussels there must be wholesale reform to place growth and trade back at the heart of the political agenda which has become needlessly sidetracked with ambitions ill-fitting to the original Common Market. The route to a prosperous EU is less regulation and more incentive to innovate from the bottom up without top down intervention.
British citizens have given a clear message that there needs to be a better economy in Europe - a call which ought to be welcomed by the millions left unemployed throughout the Eurozone.
With a financial history stretching back more than a thousand years, the City of London remains in pole position as the world's financial centre which can help fund projects globally including those in the struggling Eurozone.
Short term market volatility is to be expected as the shock filters through the blob which invariably believes in the status quo. However, this is a very positive day for Europe and the world - Britain has merely enunciated the fear that is on the minds of millions of Europeans.
Moreover, Britain is already seeing a dividend as the low level of the Pound provides an unprecedented boost for British exporters who, hopefully soon, will have fewer reasons to fear the precautionary principal which has played a central role in Europe's economic decline.
It's time for reform, time for growth, time for a new Europe and a new chapter in world trade. This result is good for growth, good for employment and great news for small entrepreneurs struggling to innovate but curbed by mountains of red tape.
Now it is time to unite and deliver the best Europe possible and end the cycle of Continental decline through embracing the global economy. 
Britain and Europe awake to a world of opportunity.