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European Energy Exchange EEX: Record Turnover On Integrated Spot And Futures Market. Continuing rise in volume on the futures market

Date 01/11/2001

The European Energy Exchange EEX released its turnover figures for the month of October on Thursday. A total of 6.14 million MWh was traded in the integrated spot and futures market, about 80 percent higher than the previous month's figure (3.46 million MWh in September). The October total includes 870,240 MWh in the spot market (737,721 MWh in September), the third-highest monthly volume since the launch in August. Futures volume came to 5.28 million MWh in October (2.73 million MWh in September), which is the highest monthly turnover. Thus, after nine months of operation, 11.89 million MWh have already been traded in the futures market. In the spot market, some 7.7 million MWh have already been traded this year.

The spot market total of 870,240 MWh in October comprises 285,264 MWh traded in individual hours and 584,976 MWh in blocks, 413,064 MWh in baseload blocks and 171,912 MWh in peakload blocks.

Of the 5.28 million MWh in futures volume, 1.41 million MWh were traded in one-month futures and roughly 3.86 million MWh in the 12-month futures that were introduced in September. Three-month (quarterly-term) futures will be added to the product portfolio before the end of the year.