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Euronext Paris: Expert Commission, Indices Committee

Date 05/09/2007

The Expert Commission, Indices Committee, meeting today, took decisions regarding the makeup of various Euronext Paris indices. The decisions taken today will take effect from Monday 24 September 2007. The Committee also decided to change the definition of free float applicable for Euronext Paris indices. In future, free float will be calculated to the exclusion of all interests with more than 5% of voting rights in the issuing entity, except where such an interest is held by an undertaking for collective investment or a pension fund. Free float calculated in this way will be rounded up to the next multiple of 5%. This rule, which is in line with international practice, will apply to all Euronext Paris indices weighted for free-float capitalization from the next quarterly revision of indices, which is to be conducted in respect of the fourth quarter of 2007.

Click here to download full details of the changes.