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Euronext Brussels BEL20® Monthly Selection List

Date 13/09/2004

Based upon the figures until the end of August 2004, Euronext Brussels communicates the new monthly selection list for the BEL20® index. The first three reserve candidates are Tessenderlo, CMB and Deceuninck. This list is valid for replacements that would occur from Thursday 16 September 2004 up to and including Friday 15 October 2004 after trading hours. This list is also available on the Euronext website:

The list was drawn up following the rule changes that occurred and were published on 15 July 2004 and which will be applicable as from 15 September 2004. The changes concern in principal the free float rounding (to every 5% instead of bands of 20-30-40-50-75 and 100%) as well as the application of the new harmonized free float definition.

The Bel 20® rules are available on the website at following address:,4245,1626_53424_289349275,00.pdf

The free float database is available at:,4245,1626_53424_377347000,00.pdf