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Egyptian Exchange: Ringing Of Bell For Gender Equality

Date 06/03/2017

Continuing its annual tradition, The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) celebrated for the third consecutive year, the opening of a trading session to emphasize the exchange's commitment to supporting gender equality and women empowerment and enhancing their role in achieving sustainable development at various levels, economic, social and environmental.

The celebration was held in cooperation with the UN for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Mission as well as the UN Global Compact on the sidelines of International Women's Day celebrations Week. It is the anniversary of the 22nd Declaration of Pekin where the event is expected to be held in 44 stocks around the world during the same week.

H.E. Mrs. Ghada Wali, Minister of Social Solidarity and Dr. Jorg Schimmel Country Director of the UN women in Egypt participated in the celebration as well as representatives of the UN Global Compact, Egypt, the International Finance Corporation, and a number of leading Egyptian companies that apply the principles of gender equality, and a group of renowned figures as well as Parliament representatives.

H.E. Mrs. Ghada Wali, Minister of Social Solidarity expressed her appreciation for EGX to celebrate the International Women's Day for the third consecutive year. She pointed out that an essential part of the current government's commitment is to focus on economic, social and political women empowerment where she disclosed that currently a set of laws are being prepared in cooperation with both The National women's Council and Parliament Representatives that shall improve levels of protection of Egyptian women and the society as a whole.

From his side, Dr. Mohammed Omran, EGX Chairman, stated that EGX consideration for the issue of gender equality and women empowerment is a genuine interest as it is part of the sustainable development of EGX strategy. He added that woman occupies a large percentage of the employees and management in EGX; however, EGX management has taken serious steps to emphasize its commitment to gender equality, where EGX incorporated an unprecedented initiative on the level of institutions in Egypt to form an executive half of which is from women management in the stock exchange ensuring that our commitment to equality does not stop at the extent of logos.

Omran added that EGX efforts also focus on the integration of listed companies in applying gender equality and preventing discrimination, where the upcoming period will witness intensive efforts in cooperation with the market participants. On top of these efforts comes holding a training program for listed companies management during May in cooperation with the UN women program. It will be proceeded by the selecting a group of companies to provide them with consultation in the field of anti-discrimination and gender equality. It was also agreed to invite a group of the most promising companies in the field of gender equality from Upper Egypt to ring the bell at EGX during October to emphasize the importance of this application governorates other than Cairo and Alexandria.