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Effective September 14, 2020 Through September 18, 2020, MIAX Options And MIAX Emerald 2X Opening And Intraday Valid And Priority Quote Spread Relief In All Symbols

Date 14/09/2020

Issue Symbol: All Symbols
Multiplier: 2X
Reason: In maintenance of a fair and orderly market.
Time: Opening and Intraday
Subject Summary: Please be advised, effective September 14, 2020 through September 18, 2020, the MIAX Regulation Department has granted 2 times opening and intraday quote parameter relief for all symbols on MIAX Options and MIAX Emerald. 

Please note, standard quote width is $5 wide, two (2) times width is $10.  The quote width listed in the following will be two (2) times the listed width.