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Cyprus Stock Exchange Monthly Digest: September

Date 30/10/2001

During September there was a slight decrease in the General Price Index and a particular decrease in the value of shares traded compared to August. The various figures and statistics are analysed below:


The last day of the month General Price Index was 112,34 points. It is worthy to mention, however, that the highest level that the index reached for the month was 147,97 points. On a sectoral level, sub-indices reached the following points: Banking sector 129,52 Approval Investment companies sector 101,14 Insurance companies sector 37,69 Manufacturing sector 46,11. Tourism sector 79,37 Trading sector 29,56 Building Materials and Construction sector 45,01, Information Technology 8,86, Financial Services 23,33, Fish Culture 27,08, Hotels with 62,14, and finally the Other Companies sector with 129,96 points.

Market Capitalization

The total market capitalisation (shares) reached £3.445 billion from £4.676 billion the previous month registering a decrease of 26,31%. According to this month results the Banking sector accounted for 38,61% of the total market capitalisation, the Other Companies sector 13,95%, and the Tourism sector 3,23%. The Trading sector 4,44%, the Manufacturing sector 7,06%, the Approved Investment Companies sector 5,04%, the Insurance sector 0,94%, the Building and Materials and Construction sector 4,03%, the Information Technology sector 2,52%, the Financial Services sector 11,02%, the Fish Culture sector 0,51%, and finally Hotels sector with 8,63% respectively, of the total market capitalisation. Moreover the total market capitalisation including the Corporate and Government bonds decrease to £5.022 billion compared to £6.265 billion at the previous month registering a decrease of 19,84%.


The total value of transactions during the month in review reached £91 million with an average of £4,8 million per trading session. The Banking Sector contributed 33,17% of the total value traded, which was the highest, whereas the Fish Culture sector had the lowest contribution with 0.13%.

Investors primarily focused their interest on the shares of "Bank of Cyprus Ltd" and "Cyprus Popular Bank Ltd" with 14,82% and 11,29% respectively.