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Chicago Board Of Trade Installs Eyretel Insight Viewer To Help Client Trading Firms Resolve Disputes On Financial Trades - Web-Based Application Provides Firms Immediate, Self-Service Retrieval And Access To Recordings Of Financial Trading Calls Captured

Date 25/06/2002

Eyretel Inc., a global provider of voice and data recording, quality monitoring and analysis systems for customer contact environments, today announced that the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT®) will install Eyretel Insight Viewer, a web-based software application, to allow their financial member firm clients to have immediate, self-service access to retrieve and replay recordings of trades captured and stored by the CBOT's Eyretel MediaStore call recording system.

The Chicago Board of Trade leases turnkey office space and technology systems and services to member firms in its downtown Chicago building. One of the technology services the CBOT provides is the ability to record trades conducted by the member firms' traders, using the CBOT's Eyretel MediaStore call recording system. Often in the event of a dispute regarding a specific customer trade, the member firms need to review the actual call recording in order to resolve the dispute. Prior to installing Eyretel Insight Viewer, the CBOT's member firm clients would have to make a request to the CBOT's Telecom department to retrieve a specific call-a time-consuming and potentially costly process. With the new application, the firms can use the Eyretel Insight Viewer's graphical interface directly from their own desktop or laptop computer to search for and retrieve the specific traders' telephone calls, allowing them to quickly resolve questions concerning trades-thus saving time and money.

"Adding Eyretel Insight Viewer to our MediaStore systems enables us to improve the service we provide to our trading firm clients by giving them instant web-access to critical trading information," said Bryan O'Donnell, the CBOT's Director of Telecommunications. "Now our clients will be able to instantly access their calls without our Telecom department's involvement. They can then email these calls directly to their home office for use in quickly settling trade disputes."

"Eyretel's MediaStore call recording system is a secure, reliable and scalable recording platform designed specifically for financial trading environments," said James Reid, vice president of sales to the financial trading industry for Eyretel. "The addition of Eyretel Insight Viewer's call search, retrieval and visualization capabilities provides an essential tool for dispute resolution and risk management."

Eyretel Insight Viewer is a web-based application that works in conjunction with Eyretel's recording systems to enable authorized users to access customer recordings from any PC with Internet-access and a web browser. The application features built-in security, ensuring that sensitive and confidential information is available only to authorized users. In addition, Eyretel Insight Viewer's 'time and date stamp' on every recorded call is essential in resolving sensitive and potentially expensive trade disputes. CBOT also will also be able to use the product to provide their clients with value-added services such as usage reports.

The systems will be installed and maintained by Riverside Technologies (, Eyretel's business partner for sales and service within the financial trading sector. Riverside Technologies is a full service telecommunications company that specializes in providing, installing, and maintaining mission-critical solutions to the financial services industry.

"The CBOT has been a long-time Eyretel customer, and one of the main reasons we selected to extend use of their products is because of their extensive experience and understanding of the needs of financial trading environments," Mr. O'Donnell concluded.