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BrokerTec Futures Exchange Trades One-Millionth Contract

Date 23/07/2002

BrokerTec Futures Exchange (BTEX), the nation's only fully-electronic futures market for U.S. Treasury futures, announced that it traded its one-millionth contract on July 22, 2002, only seven and a-half months since the Exchange commenced trading operations in U.S. Treasury bond and note futures on November 30, 2001.

"Since our launch, BTEX has seen growth in volumes as market participants embrace the unique offerings and efficiencies of our strong and robust electronic trading platform," said Hank Mlynarski, BTEX President. "The addition of new members, the quality of our markets and the increase in deployment have contributed to our achievement," he added.

In the month of June, BTEX experienced improved performance setting a record in monthly trading volume that surpassed 200,000 contracts and exceeded 10,000 contracts in average daily traded volume.

"We are proud to see that in only seven and a-half months we reached the one-millionth milestone while it took other industry players considerably longer to achieve the same goal. We look forward to continuing on this growth path and further strengthening our position in the financial futures markets by deepening the pool of market participants and expanding our contracts," Mlynarski concluded.