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BM&FBOVESPA S.A. Announces New Board Of Directors

Date 15/04/2013

BM&FBOVESPA S.A. shareholders elected a new Board of Directors for the company on Monday, in an Ordinary General Meeting. The new chairman will be Pedro Pullen Parente, who was already a member of the previous Board. He will be substituting Arminio Fraga Neto, whose second mandate that started in May 2011 has now drawn to a close.

Pedro Parente’s nomination as chairman was voted on by the other board members, at the first meeting of the new Board held soon after the Ordinary General Meeting.

The newly-elected Board has 11 members, as did the previous one, and will have a two-year mandate that can be extended by another two years.

As well as Pedro Parente, five members have been reelected: Candido Bracher, Charles Peter Carey, Claudio Luiz da Silva Haddad, José Roberto Mendonça de Barros and Marcelo Fernandez Trindade. The new members are Alfredo Antônio Lima de Menezes, André Santos Esteves, José de Menezes Berenguer Neto, Luiz Fernando Figueiredo and Luiz Nelson Guedes de Carvalho.