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ACER Publishes Three Updates On REMIT Guidance Documentation

Date 30/06/2020

ACER published today three updates on REMIT Guidance documentation concerning the Questions and Answers (Q&As) on REMIT, the Transaction Reporting User Manual and the FAQs on REMIT transaction reporting.

The Knowledge Base tool available on the REMIT Portal will be updated in due time. However, stakeholders and reporting parties should note this might take longer because of the high number of updates introduced.

The new edition of the Q&A on REMIT contains the most up-to-date information concerning REMIT policy issues and is developed in cooperation with the national regulatory authorities. The Q&As are prompted by the discussions ACER has with its stakeholders during webinars and Roundtable meetings, as well as by the queries received via the REMIT Query form.

This edition includes 11 new Q&As and provide additional information on:

  • REMIT definitions,
  • obligations and prohibitions for market participants,
  • inside Information.

The new edition of the Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM) contains updates and alignment with the FAQs on REMIT transaction reporting, and it introduces further guidance on reporting lifecycle events in a dedicated new Annex.

These updated documents are the outcome of a comprehensive exercise ACER carried out in 2019 and 2020, together with national regulatory authorities and other REMIT stakeholders.

Lastly, ACER acknowledges that, because of COVID-19 pandemic, reporting parties may face difficulties in implementing the changes foreseen by the updated guidance by the end of 2020. Nevertheless, reporting parties shall strive to achieve compliance with the transaction reporting guidance to the greatest extent possible.