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  • CHX Welcomes Alpha Pro Tech With Listing Ceremony

    Date 17/03/2000

    The Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) officially welcomed Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. (SYM: APT) on its trading floor this morning with a traditional ceremony to commemorate its CHX-exclusive listing.

  • SFE Sets Highest Trading Volume For The Year

    Date 16/03/2000

    The Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) experienced its busiest trading day of the year yesterday, Wednesday, 15 March, with 338,421 futures and options contracts being exchanged.

  • Program Trading Averaged 16.3 Percent Of NYSE Volume During Mar. 6-10

    Date 16/03/2000

    The New York Stock Exchange today released its weekly program-trading data submitted by its member firms. The report includes trading in all markets as reported to the NYSE for Mar. 6-10. The data indicated that during Mar. 6-10, program trading amounted to 16.3 percent of NYSE average daily volume of 1,163.9 million shares, or 189.4 million shares a day.

  • Osaka Mercantile Exchange RSS3 Futures And Rubber Index Futures Weekly Report

    Date 16/03/2000

    On March 6, the distant month of OME RSS3 Futures opened the week and fell to 79.60 yen by losing more than the half of the recent gain, which is said to be the support at downside. Later, the other contract months followed suit and eased slightly on long-liquidation and selling by bears. On March 8, amid the yen's strength, the distant month fell below the previous support level to 76.20 yen on stop loss selling due to the increase in Japanese rubber stocks as of February 29 over the 50,000

  • Osaka Mercantile Exchange Aluminium Futures Weekly Report

    Date 16/03/2000

    On March 6, OME Aluminium Futures opened slightly easier or unchanged as subdued LME Aluminium Futures and the currency market did not help the market to dissipate the feeling of uncertainty. Distant January contract opened at 173.0 yen, down 0.7 yen from the last Friday's close. On March 8, distant January contract sank to 170.2 yen on hurried long-liquidation as the yen soared up to the 106 yen level amid the easier tone in LME Aluminium.

  • New York Stock Exchange Launches NYSE Common Access Point - A Next-Generation Extranet Providing Direct TCP/IP Access To An Array Of NYSE Electronic Information And Order Execution Services

    Date 16/03/2000

    The New York Stock Exchange announced today that it has launched the NYSE Common Access Point (NYSE CAP), a next-generation extranet that serves as a universal bridge between the NYSE's business services and the networks of our customers. NYSE CAP has been designed using state-of-the-art technology to provide high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency access to services while maintaining the highest levels of security and reliability, which are the trademarks of the NYSE.

  • New York Stock Exchange Announces 1999 Financial Results

    Date 16/03/2000

    The New York Stock Exchange reported revenue of $735.5 million and net income of $75.2 million in 1999, compared with revenue of $728.7 million and net income of $101.3 million in 1998. The Exchange also reported income before interest, depreciation and income taxes for 1999 of $164.0 million, compared to $216.4 million for 1998.

  • New Member Begins NOREX Membership At The Copenhagen Stock Exchange

    Date 16/03/2000

    Yesterday, the Copenhagen Stock Exchange approved the Dutch bank Insinger de Beaufort as a new member of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Insinger de Beaufort is the first new member since the establishment in 1998 of the NOREX Alliance that is not already a member of the Stockholm Exchange.

  • Measures Aimed To Prevent Amsterdam Exchanges Trading Systems From Being Overloaded

    Date 16/03/2000

    With reference to the introduction of World Online to Amsterdam Exchanges on 17 March 2000, we would reiterate the relevance of the regulatory measures that may be taken to prevent the trading systems from being overloaded. To reduce the number of World Online orders offered to the Limit Order Book, Amsterdam Exchanges will allow Seatholders on the first day of trading in the security concerned to net orders with the same limit price. The same will apply to the cumulation of such orders. This me

  • Ljubljanska Stock Exchange Monthly Report - February

    Date 16/03/2000

    The total turnover of securities on the Exchange amounted to SIT 21.8 billion in February and was just slightly above the January figure of SIT 20.8 billion. The total turnover was SIT 22.8 billion in February. The comparison of the first two trading months of 2000 and of 1999 favours the 1999 turnover by almost 9%.