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  • NYMEX Sets Crude Oil Daily Volume Record

    Date 14/05/1999

    A daily volume record was established on the New York Mercantile Exchange on May 12 for crude oil futures when 244,714 contracts were traded, surpassing the record of 239,517 contracts set on March 10, 1999.

  • Warburg Dillon Read to join Consortium investing in Tradepoint

    Date 13/05/1999

    On 6 May 1999 Tradepoint announced details of a long term refinancing package involving a consortium of companies led by Instinet Corporation. The details of the members of this consortium were set out in that announcement. Given the benefits to the business of Tradepoint, the Board of Tradepoint is pleased to announce that Warburg Dillon Read has now also joined the Consortium and will be participating in the refinancing arrangements.

  • NYMEX Open Interest Reaches 2.5 Million

    Date 13/05/1999

    Open interest on the New York Mercantile Exchange NYMEX Division passed the 2.5 million mark yesterday for the first time in Exchange history with open interest reaching 2,509,417 lots, surpassing the previous open interest record of 2,481,336 lots set on May 7, 1999. In addition, Exchange-wide open interest reached a record 3,493,654 lots.

  • New index values, effective June 1, 1999 from Iceland Statistical Bureau

    Date 13/05/1999

    New values of indices calculated by Iceland Statistical Bureau become effective 01.June. CPI for month of June is 187.3 and CTI for month of June is 3,698. Intra-month daily adjustment used by Iceland Stock Exchange will be 5.950% p.a. for the CPI and 6.030% for the CTI until the end of the month.

  • LIFFE Announces Timetable For Roll-Out Of Short-Term Interest Rate Contracts On LIFFE CONNECTâ„¢

    Date 13/05/1999

    The London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) has announced the timetable for the listing of its flagship short-term interest rate contracts (STIRs) on its new electronic trading platform, LIFFE CONNECTâ„¢, beginning 23 August 1999. Euroswiss futures will be the first to be listed intra-day on LIFFE CONNECTâ„¢ on 23 August, followed by Short Sterling on 6 September and Euribor/Eurolibor on 20 September 1999. These contracts will continue to be available for parallel (or "s

  • IPE Volumes set New Records

    Date 13/05/1999

    Volumes of trade at the IPE climbed to a record high on Tuesday, 11 May. Total traded volume on the Exchange reached 171,655 lots, compared to a previous high of 170,320 lots set on 12 March this year. The new record volume is equivalent to nearly 160 million barrels of oil (or more than double total world oil consumption) and over 38 million therms of natural gas (equivalent to about 50% of total UK daily consumption).

  • Eurex Suspends Trading in the COMI Future

    Date 13/05/1999

    Eurex will stop trading the COMI Future after the contract settlement date on June 11, 1999. Contract months in which there is no more open interest will be dropped with immediate effect.

  • The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong has appointed Ethics and Guidance Committee

    Date 11/05/1999

    The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong has appointed a seven-member Ethics and Guidance Committee to advise Council and Committee Members on the guidelines and related matters after it becomes a public body. Moses Cheng is the Convenor of the Ethics and Guidance Committee. Other members are Thaddeus Beczak, Henry Chan, Fong Hup, Frederick Ma, David Roberts and Peter Wong.

  • Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Turnover HKD170,603 Million in April

    Date 11/05/1999

    The average daily turnover for the 19 trading days in April was HKD8,979 million, an increase of 74 per cent compared with the previous month. Total turnover value for the month was HKD170,603 million compared with HKD118,404 million in March. A total of 99,907 million shares changed hands in April, compared with 74,392 million shares in March. The average daily turnover was 5,258 million shares, up 63 per cent from March.

  • Ljubljanska Stock Exchange Turnover SIT17.1 Billion in April

    Date 11/05/1999

    After reaching over SIT20 billion per month in the first quarter of 1999, turnover declined in April to SIT17.1 billion and was much lower than March's turnover of SIT24.3 billion. The total turnover on the Exchange in the first four months of this year amounted to SIT87.7 billion and outperformed the same period in 1998 by 138%.