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Warsaw Exchange - Announces Quarterly Revision In Quarterly Adjustment Of WIG20 And MIDWIG indices

Date 07/11/2003

The Warsaw Stock Exchange announces that based on the Management Board resolution no. 167/2003 of May 28, 2003, as amended, following the trading session on December 19, 2003, there will be a quarterly adjustment concerning the WIG20 and MIDWIG indices.

The basis for the WIG20 index adjustment is the ranking drawn up as of the end of October 2003. As the result of the ranking, there will be no changes in the WIG20 index portfolio.

However, the following companies will be removed from the MIDWIG index portfolio:


In their place, the following companies will join the MIDWIG index: BA CA, POLFAKUTNO, GETIN, STALEXPORT and KRUSZWICA.

As the result, following December 19, 2003, there will be 40 companies in the MIDWIG portfolio.

The new index portfolios effective after the adjustment are available from the WSE web site at (Market data -> Indices).