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Tokyo Commodity Exchange: Points To Be Considered For Products Transfer

Date 14/08/2019

Following the scheduled business integration with Japan Exchange Group, Inc. in October 2019, each product currently listed on the Precious Metals (excluding Gold Physical Transactions), Rubber and Agricultural Product & Sugar (excluding Raw Sugar – currently listing discontinued) market divisions of TOCOM are planned to be transferred to Osaka Exchange, Inc. (OSE) in July 2020.

Due to this product transfer to OSE, there will be partial changes to the transaction systems, etc. after the transfer (see Appendix 2) for products (including Gold/Platinum Rolling Spots) and contracts whose First Trading Day fall before the transfer date and whose expiry dates come after the transfer date (see Appendix 1).

In order to continue trading the transferred products on OSE, some necessary procedures (account setting agreement conclusion, etc.) based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act will be required. The details shall be separately notified once they are decided.

Appendix 1 Products and Contract Months at the time of Product Transfer

Appendix 2 Main Points of Modification in Transaction Rules, etc.