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Russian Trading System: Weekly Market Information

Date 30/09/2002

During the week of July 29th - August 2nd, 2002, the RTS Index rose 327.96, up 1.60% on July 26th 322.80. The RTS Technical Index gained 1.18% to close at 360.19.

The week's top performers include Baltika Brewing Company preferred shares (PKBAP) that closed up 28.13% at $10.25, Irkutskenergo common shares (IRGZ) that hit $0.0667, up 15% on last closing, and Rostovenergo common shares (RTSE) that went up 10.0% to reach $0.0121.

The top losers of the week are GAZ common shares (GAZA) that slid 11.80% down to $24.3 per share, Lenenergo common shares (LSNG) that ended 10.14% down at $0.31, and Lenenergo preferred shares (LSNG) that sunk 8.11% to $0.17.

Total RTS turnover for the week equaled $66.427 million, compared to $129.440 million the previous week. The classic OTC market weekly turnover reached $66.318 million, with daily volume of $13.264 million. The week of July 19th-July 26th showed $129.332 million and $25.866 million, accordingly. The average daily volume across the board fell 48.68%.

The list of last week's bestsellers includes LUKoil Holdings (LKOH) common shares with weekly turnover of $20.650 million, RAO UES common shares (EESR)- $14.290 million, and common shares of Surgutneftegas (SNGS), their weekly turnover reaching $8.684 million. The share of these securities? in the overall turnover amounted to 31.22%, 21.60% and 13.13%, respectively.

The Guaranteed Trading System weekly turnover reached $109.508 thousand.

Weekly trading volume in the RTS Board, the system used for indicative quoting of non-RTS listed securities, skyrocketed to $702.207 thousand, compared to $258.744 thousand last week.