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Oslo Børs: Successful Transition To Saxess

Date 07/06/2002

After two weeks in operation, it can be asserted that Oslo Børs' transition to a new trading system has been successful. After lenghty preparations, the exchange started using Saxess, the common trading system for the nordic exchange alliance, on May 27.

The introduction of a new trading system is a significant technological challenge both for the exchange and its users. Oslo Børs is pleased with the way the transition was made, and after two weeks in operation, the system performs well seen from the users´ standpoint as well. - With the exception of a 15 minute unstable period of operation the first day, the system has tick-tocked as expected. For the future, we expect Saxess to have an availability of close to 100 percent, which is an unalterable demand on such systems both from the exchange and the market players, Senior Vice President IT André Hellum says.

The unstable period of operation, which involved all the NOREX-exchanges, was due to conditions which were identified and corrected immediately.

Saxess has been developed by OM Technology and has for many years been a stable and reliable trading system for other exchanges. Oslo Børs feels confident that this will be the case also for the Norwegian market. After two weeks in operation, everything looks to function as planned.