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London Stock Exchange Monthly Market Report - August 2001 - Number Of Sets Trades In August 2001 Double That Of August 2000 - Number Of Trades On Sets In First 8 Months Of 2001 Exceeds Total For 2000

Date 10/09/2001

The number of trades on SETS, the Exchange's electronic order-book, was higher in the first eight months of 2001 than for the whole of 2000 reaching 9.1m trades to date in 2001, compared with 8.6m for all of 2000. The number of trades on SETS was up 100 per cent in August 2001 with 1,307,814 trades, compared to 652,565 trades in August 2000. The value traded also increased by 23.9 per cent to £50.4bn in August 2001, compared to £40.7bn in August 2000.

The total number of equity trades in the first eight months of 2001 was 13.6 per cent higher than for the same period of last year, with value traded up by 5.9 per cent. In August this amounted to £403 billion of business spread across 3.9 million trades. This represented an increase in the number of trades over August last year of 23.8 per cent.

The banking sector represented the greatest proportion of trading by sector in August 2001, with 301,824 trades worth £19.5 billion.

The London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (AIM) welcomed 21 companies in August, ending the month with 597 companies quoted. AIM and techMARK now account for 88.5 per cent of all the European growth and technology markets, with market capitalisation of £466bn and 836 companies (88.5 per cent by market capitalisation at the end of July 2001. For comparative purposes "all European growth and technology markets" are defined as: techMARK, AIM, Neuer Markt, Nasdaq Europe/Easdaq, Nouveau Marche, NMAX and Nuovo Mercato. Calculations based on most recent available data from individual exchange websites. 836 companies is the figure at the end July 2001). A further 13 companies joined the Exchange's main market including Woolworths Group plc and IVAX Corporation, an American pharmaceuticals company. These brought the total number of company admissions for August 2001 to 34 (12 main market UK, 1 main market international, 21 AIM).

Companies raised a total of £800 million across the market in August, bringing the year to date total to almost £25 billion. The split between new issue capital raising and further issue capital raising was 66:34 for August and is now 41:59 for the year to date.