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Euronext Paris: New Equity Options On Crédit Agricole

Date 29/08/2002

As from 2 September 2002, Euronext Paris will open trading in new options on the shares of Crédit Agricole. These include:
  • an American-style option (i.e., may be exercised at any time up to expiry) with contracts covering five due dates--three monthly and two quarterly; with cycles in March, June, September and December. Symbol: ACA - Euroclear code: 4507
  • and a European-style option (i.e., that can only be exercised at the due date) with contracts covering four due dates in the March and September cycles. Symbol: AC3 - Euroclear code: 351 166.
All classes have been admitted to the market's continuous trading section. Trading units are by ten of the underlying shares.

At the close of trading on 28 August 2002, market capitalization stood at €21 466.4 million for Crédit Agricole.

As from 2 September, there will be 74 companies represented by 123 equity options on the Euronext Paris market dedicated to equity and index derivatives. In the first seven months of the year, equity options traded on Euronext Paris traded on a daily basis volumes of over 1.6 million lots. This is 62.2% higher than in the same period of 2001.