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Copenhagen Stock Exchange InvestorService: New Investor Relations Channel For The Companies Listed On The Exchange

Date 19/06/2002

It is the Copenhagen Stock Exchange's objective to be a catalyst for communication of information between our listed issuers and investors. As a new service we therefore offer our listed issuers a channel to disseminate information that is not covered by their obligation as an issuer to inform the market, but which they still want to make accessible to a wide group of market participants.

On 24 June 2002, the Exchange makes a new information system - InvestorService - available to the issuers through which they can communicate information that they today communicate in some other way. InvestorService may only be used where it is obvious that the information cannot be assumed to have an effect on trading or the price of the issuers' listed securities. Examples of InvestorService information could be press releases containing information on news of secondary importance, including certain expansions of the product range or client base.

Announcements from InvestorService are displayed on our website, which is visited daily by many private and professional investors. Moreover, the announcements will be sent to professional information recipients via the StockWise system.

Senior Vice President Peter Belling commented: "The launch of our InvestorService is one step closer to the realisation of our vision of being the digital meeting place for the companies and the investors. For many companies the Exchange is now in a position to cover their entire needs for dissemination of information to the investors. We believe that the many offers available to the companies in the Investor Relations area will make especially the small companies intensify their IR efforts. Intensified IR efforts may at the same time contribute significantly to spreading the share investment culture among the private investors, thus strengthening the liquidity in the market."

The new InvestorService tool is expected to be valuable as a very direct information channel - especially for small businesses, which in this way may communicate very directly to relevant recipients without having to struggle for the necessary press exposure in each case.

Commenting on the new service, Chief Exectutive Peter Grøndahl from the software company Danware in Birkerød said: " A company like ours will often hold information that is relevant to the promotion and operation of the business, but which is not heavy enough for an actual company announcement, and which does not have the immediate attention of the press. We now have the possibility of communicating very directly to a relevant audience with a new tool."