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CME Publishes Clearing Codes For OneChicago Products

Date 22/10/2002

The CME Contract Specifications pages on the CME's Web site have been updated to reflect the following:

CME publishes Clearing Codes for OneChicago products. This website page lists (a)the generic specifications for both the equities and narrow-based indices on which OneChicago will list futures, (b) the ticker code for the equities, (c) the full up-to-six-byte OneChicago product symbol for the futures, and (d) the two-byte CME clearing code for the futures, use in the SPANĀ® file, TREX messages, etc.

Trading in the Single Stock Futures on the OneChicago Exchange is scheduled for November 8th 2002.

Details on the contract can be found on the Contract Specifications pages at: