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New York Stock Exchange Launches NYSE Common Access Point - A Next-Generation Extranet Providing Direct TCP/IP Access To An Array Of NYSE Electronic Information And Order Execution Services

Date 16/03/2000

The New York Stock Exchange announced today that it has launched the NYSE Common Access Point (NYSE CAP), a next-generation extranet that serves as a universal bridge between the NYSE's business services and the networks of our customers. NYSE CAP has been designed using state-of-the-art technology to provide high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency access to services while maintaining the highest levels of security and reliability, which are the trademarks of the NYSE.

The NYSE Common Access Point supports several new Exchange programs-NYSe Direct, e-Broker, Institutional XPress, Front End Systemic Capture (FESC) and TCP/IP connectivity to FIX and CMS message interfaces used to send electronic orders to the NYSE point-of-sale via SuperDot. NYSE CAP also supports existing services such as the remote delivery of the Exchange's Broker Booth Support System (BBSS) and the delivery of customer's proprietary applications to the trading floor. In the future, additional NYSE applications and services will be made available through this facility, including greater use of multimedia and browser-based applications. NYSE CAP supports multiple access methods including direct connections via traditional telco providers as well as connections through service bureaus, public extranet providers and Internet service providers. Services will be delivered using industry standard protocols and formats such as FIX, HTML, SMTP, SSL and SSH, and customers will be able to access multiple services over a single connection. NYSE CAP extends access to the Exchange's two data centers, operated by Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC).

"NYSE CAP recognizes that one size does not necessarily fit all," said William Bautz, senior vice president and chief technology officer of the NYSE. "Providing customers with choices is a fundamental part of our strategy to make access to NYSE easy and cost effective by leveraging our customers' technology investments. This also helps us reduce the time to market for our products." "As the industry moves closer to a true global straight-through-processing environment, the customer demand for connectivity to the Exchange's electronic information and order execution services is greater than ever before," said Robert Britz, NYSE group executive vice president. "The NYSE CAP program satisfies that demand. Connect to customers; provide the services they need; offer choices in how to get those services; and make access fast and easy. That's a winning formula for everyone."

A significant component of the NYSE CAP program is the implementation of "big pipes" or high-speed circuits aggregating access to the network providers-common carriers, extranets and service bureaus. The NYSE is pleased to work with the following vendors to provide access to NYSE CAP-AT&T Corp.; Bell Atlantic; IXnet, Inc.; MCI WorldCom; Sector, Inc.; Transaction Network Services, Inc./Gateway Financial Technologies; and Winstar.

The New York Stock Exchange is the world's premier equities market, listing more than 3,000 companies with a total global market capitalization of $16.8 trillion. NYSE-listed companies range from "blue chip," to many of the world's leading technology companies, to young, high-growth enterprises. Among the advantages the NYSE offers these companies are access to the world's largest pool of capital and outstanding liquidity and transparency; the opportunity to significantly expand and diversify a company's shareholder base; greater global visibility; and extensive research coverage. The NYSE, a leader in innovative trading capabilities and systems, employs the most advanced communications and computing technologies to deliver fast, efficient, reliable and cost-effective trade executions. Further information on the NYSE can be obtained at