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New York Stock Exchange Announces 1999 Financial Results

Date 16/03/2000

The New York Stock Exchange reported revenue of $735.5 million and net income of $75.2 million in 1999, compared with revenue of $728.7 million and net income of $101.3 million in 1998. The Exchange also reported income before interest, depreciation and income taxes for 1999 of $164.0 million, compared to $216.4 million for 1998.

For fourth-quarter 1999, the Exchange reported revenues of $184.3 million and a net loss of $800,000. This compares with $187.8 million in revenue and $7.4 million in net income for the same period in 1998.

In 1999, 151 companies joined the Exchange, compared with 228 in 1998. In fourth-quarter 1999, 40 companies joined the NYSE compared with 59 companies in the fourth quarter of 1998. Average daily trading volume for 1999 was 809.2 million shares worth $35.5 billion, compared with 673.6 million shares worth $29.0 billion in 1998. For fourth-quarter 1999, average daily volume was 889.2 million shares worth $36.6 billion compared with 730.0 million shares worth $29.7 billion in the same period last year.