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New Member Begins NOREX Membership At The Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Date 16/03/2000

Yesterday, the Copenhagen Stock Exchange approved the Dutch bank Insinger de Beaufort as a new member of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Insinger de Beaufort is the first new member since the establishment in 1998 of the NOREX Alliance that is not already a member of the Stockholm Exchange.

Commenting on the membership, Insinger de Beaufort's Danish Sales Manager, Michael Ravn, said: "The Copenhagen Stock Exchange is the first NOREX exchange that we join. We have a multilocal strategy and, consequently, we wish to become a member of the Stockholm Exchange as quickly as possible. When the Oslo Stock Exchange hopefully becomes the third member of the NOREX Alliance, we also plan to become a member there. Our primary business areas are analyses of small and medium-sized Nordic listed companies with a view to providing consultancy services to institutional investors".

"I'm very pleased that Insinger de Beaufort will focus on analyses of the small and medium-sized companies on the Exchange. Thus these companies will receive the attention that they should rightfully be getting and institutional investors in and outside the Nordic region may have a chance to become acquainted with this group of Danish companies," says President and CEO Hans-Ole Jochumsen.