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Global Green And ESG Loan Lenders Raise US$59.9 Billion In 2018

Date 22/01/2019

Click here to download an overview of the Green Loan Market in 2018 from the LPC team at Refinitiv.

  • At US$59.9bn, 2018 global green and ESG loan volume increased four fold compared to 2017 totals of US$14.5bn         
  • Over 83% of total 2018 global green and ESG loan volume, or US$49.9bn, was raised in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA) region. This marked an increase of nearly 6 times compared to the US$8.3bn in EMEA green and ESG loan volume raised in 2017.

Maria Dikeos, Head of Global Loans Contributions, Refinitiv, shares some of her thoughts around what has caused the rapid grown in the green loan market:

“2018 was a big year for the Green Loan market. With the publication of Green Loan Principles, having initial criteria for designation of green and ESG loans has meant a focused guidance for the market with a growing group of loan and bond institutional money prioritising green/ESG investment opportunities via funds or funds set aside for green investment. We’ve also seen an increase in project finance initiatives with associated green requirements, with green loan structures, and more specifically, ESG lending becoming more popular, particularly with larger corporates.”

Global Green & ESG Loan volume