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EEX Skimmed Milk Powder Futures Reach Annual Record

Date 23/01/2019

In 2018, EEX achieved a new annual trading record in Skimmed Milk Powder Futures with a volume of 67,155 tonnes of goods equivalent (equals 13,431 traded contracts). This corresponds to an increase of 16% compared to the previous year (2017: 57,960 tonnes , equal to 11,592 traded contracts).

Overall, trading in Futures on butter, skimmed milk powder and whey powder amounted to 129,900 tonnes (equals 25,980 contracts). The 2017 volume totalled 137,820 tonnes (27,564 contracts). In August 2018, EEX introduced a Liquid Milk Future as a new hedging tool with a volume of 23 contracts (575,000 kilogram of commodity equivalent) traded until the end of the year.