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Davos Resarch Reveals Investors Expect Listed Companies To Start Reporting On Their Strategies For Blockchain

Date 24/01/2019

  • 31% of investors expect major companies to have heads of blockchain on their boards within five years
  • 40% believe that blockchain could be the most transformative technology since the internet

New research from the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), the leading association for the blockchain ecosystem, reveals that 26% of institutional investors believe major listed companies will have to start proactively reporting on their plans and ambitions around blockchain because investors will demand this. A further 38% anticipate they will start to have to do this between three and five years from now, and only 13% think companies will never have to do this.

Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), which is running “Blockchain Central”, the premier venue at Davos this year for all things blockchain, believes some companies will soon start to have heads of blockchain sitting on their Boards. One in twenty institutional investors (5%) anticipate this will start to happen within the next two years, and a further 26% anticipate this starting to happen between three and five years-time.  A further one in five expect it to happen between five and ten years from now.

This growing level of importance that investors expect businesses to place on blockchain can in part be explained by the fact that 40% believe that blockchain could be the most transformative technology since the internet. Only one in three (34%) disagree with this view, with the remainder undecided.

Speaking at Davos, Sandra Ro, CEO of the GBBC, said: “There is little doubt about the potential impact blockchain can have on most sectors, and key areas of everyday life.

“Increasingly, the winning organisations of the future will be those that have a clear and comprehensive strategy for blockchain and those that are committed to implementing and using it to transform their organisations. 

“It is perhaps not surprising that investors will soon want to know what companies are doing in this area, and that they have confidence in the executives chosen to implement the programmes.”