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CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmarking

Date 12/06/2019

The existing processes for evaluating crypto exchanges are failing; metrics such as volume are frequently misleading, methodologies are unclear and preparatory due diligence is lacking across the board.

CryptoCompare is committed to providing the highest level of insight into a typically opaque and abstruse marketplace. To do so, the CryptoCompare approach combines expert data collection and analysis with clearly stated methodologies and practices.

CryptoCompare believes that ‘fake volume analysis’ must be preceded by considered due diligence on exchanges.

CryptoCompare recommends an innovative ranking methodology that utilises a combination of qualitative (due diligence) and quantitative (market quality based on order book and trades) metrics, without using volume directly in the ranking.

CryptoCompare's ranking serves as a guide for investors and traders who want to identify the best venues for their risk appetite.

CryptoCompare assigns a grade to each exchange which will help identify trust and reliability.

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