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ACER: Ms Clara Poletti Appointed As Chair Of The Agency’s Board Of Regulators

Date 23/01/2019

The Agency’s Board of Regulators (BoR) elected today Ms Clara Poletti as its next Chair. Ms Poletti is a Commissioner at the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and the Environment (ARERA) in Italy. She will succeed Mr Garrett Blaney as of 23 January 2019 for a (renewable) term of office of two and a half years.

The ACER BoR consists of senior representatives of the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and one non-voting representative of the European Commission. Each NRA also appoints an alternate representative.

Following her appointment, Ms Poletti commented: “It is an honour to have been appointed as the new Chair of the Agency’s Board of Regulators and to be able to build on the impressive work by the previous Chairs and of the BoR to contribute to its ambitious goal of delivering a truly integrated EU energy market that works for all European energy consumers. The Clean Energy Package (CEP) which is now finalised entrusts the Agency with a reinforced role to which the BoR will play a key part. The CEP also exposes the Agency, and hence the BoR, to new challenges. I am confident that we will meet those challenges through enhanced cooperation”.

Mr Pototschnig, the Agency Director, commented: “I warmly congratulate Ms Poletti on her election as Chair of the Agency's Board of Regulators and I look forward to cooperating with her in leading the Agency. Over the past years we have witnessed the successful establishment and growth of the Agency. With the Clean Energy Package legislation the Agency will take on additional responsibilities and the close collaboration with the Regulatory Authorities and their contribution through the Board of Regulators will continue to be crucial. At this time I would also like to thank the outgoing Chair of the Board of Regulators, Garrett Blaney, for the very constructive cooperation over the last year”.